Ideas Every Day #79 – Checkout Lane Charity Items

Recently I was listening to Bill Gate’s talk about one of the ways he decided on what areas to work on for his global charity work.  He recounted that one of the things they did was look for the method where the smallest unit of investment could make the largest amount of impact.  To that end, they started funding and delivering $10 dollar mosquito nets in areas that were devastated with malaria.

This got me thinking, I’ve seen those donate $1 dollar and we’ll write your name on a little paper cut out of something to show you’ve donated at plenty of convenience stores, but why not have a $10 dollar mosquito net (certificate or the actual net they can then write a note on and it gets mailed somewhere once they drop in a mailbox) or $30 dollar gift certificate for a cataract surgery in India that cures blindness for someone.  Wouldn’t these entice at least some people to make an effective, results-oriented donation instead of just picking up another piece of the usual stuff in the check out lane.

What other places could entice someone to use impulse purchases for good?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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3 thoughts on “Ideas Every Day #79 – Checkout Lane Charity Items

  1. Good idea. Having donations at the drug store or grocery store may not be as effective as say at a store where you are buying fun non-essentials and indulging yourself, I think that might help people be more charitable. How about a donation opp at a high end department stores.

    • Agreed – love the build. It’s a way for people to offset their guilt of indulging… although “maybe” a bigger barrier to entry to get into those stores (unless the store is smart enough to market it the right way)

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