Ideas Every Day #69 – Powerpoint Slide Highlighter or Magnifier

Sadly I see lots of bad Powerpoint presentations. Specifically in this instance I’m talking about ones where the slides have a font that is way too small for the audience.

Rather than talking about how we need to fix that source of the problem so those slides are never created again, how about meeting in the middle with an automatic highlight/magnify feature that allows the presenter to easily magnify the specific portion of text s/he is talking about.   Think about how the text on your smartphone gets magnified when you hold your finger over it for a couple seconds.  How about giving Powerpoint that capability – across whole lines and able to roll down the page controlled by the presenter. Now you can actually see what the presenter wants you to see.

Sure, it doesn’t fix the real issue of bad Powerpoint – but at least it’s something in the meantime for folks that will always make bad slides.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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One thought on “Ideas Every Day #69 – Powerpoint Slide Highlighter or Magnifier

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