Ideas Every Day #67 – No Helium Balloons

There is a worldwide helium shortage which occasionally causes restrictions on being able to get helium to fill up balloons for the various reasons people want to use helium filled balloons.  How about developing an alternative to helium that still allows folks to have their balloons “fly” in the air, but not using a gas?

Balloons on sticks that keep them in the air?  Having them be ‘attracted’ to surfaces like drywall so you can easily ‘hang’ or have them stick to the ceiling, or maybe even tiny helicopter like fans or air gliding ‘wings’ that can allow them to perpetually float thanks to the laws of physics.

Lots of balloons are going to keep needing to be blown up, and lots of helium is quickly disappearing. Let’s figure this out so the helium can go to the other better uses that it gets used for like cooling semiconductors.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane


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