Ideas Every Day #65 – Gilligan’s Island Travel Agency

Ever watch a TV show or movie and wish you could go to that location and experience the same things as on the screen?   How come no one has started a travel agency dedicated to bringing guests to the destinations highlighted in shows and movies.  Seems like built in marketing for your services.

Better yet, why hasn’t anyone re-created (to the degree you won’t get sued for copyright infringement – but if it’s in a random country maybe you won’t anyway) certain TV shows or movies as resorts.  I know I would love to take my next vacation to Gilligan’s Island.  Spend the week sleeping on hammocks in a hut, go on the random adventures and mishaps that the characters went on in the TV show, and spend part of the day trying to rebuild the boat.

What other travel services could you mesh with other things?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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