Domino’s Pizza is Becoming a Tech Company

I think I’m late to the party here, but after interacting with Domino’s Pizza a couple times recently online I can’t help but think of them as a very mature tech. company as well.

It’s almost as if Amazon met Pizza.  The real-time visibility into my personal pizza’s supply chain (pizza tracker) is as or more impressive than any package shipping technology I’ve seen. They even tell me exactly who is making it.  Oh yeah, and they do that all within a 30 minute or so cycle vs. having days or hours to update their tracking info..

The UX/I on their mobile app makes it super simple to customize my food out of what is probably over 15,000 different combinations of just the pizza alone.

I also like that they haven’t gotten very kitschy about it either like having my pizza tweet to me like it was a person.

There’s more and Domino’s also seems to be constantly experimenting not only with their food, but tech as well.  What else can you turn into a tech company?

Matt Kane

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