What I’ve Learned from the First 50 Ideas Every Day

Here are some quick things I’ve noticed after 50 or so of the Ideas Every Day series I’ve been doing:

  • I love generating ideas.  Won’t get into a debate/rant right now on how worthless ideas are without action but ideas and identifying a problem are a good first step in that process.
  • By putting up an idea every day post I seem to be posting less other types of posts on a weekly basis.  I think this is because I feel like in some way ‘well, at least the ideas post is new content’ so I’m not in as much of a mental push to put out a regular type of post.   This is bad. 
  • I find it interesting in the ‘range’ of ideas I’ve had so far. Some are easy, little products and some are bigger.  I still don’t think I’ve crossed into mega/20 years from now ideas yet, but I don’t know that I want to in this series either.
  • It’s nice to have a clear, simple goal: at least 1 post per day.
  • it’s nice to feel as though that the ideas every day posts can be short / less polished.  This makes writing it even easier compared to the mental ‘resistance’ of writing a regular post.  Hopefully, the easy feeling rubs off on all work.  I really, really like the way Jonathan Fields describes a feeling of it here as ‘Go Public With Your Bad Self?
  • I love the feeling I get every time I write ‘yes, and…’ at the end of the post.  It makes me feel like there is a world of possibility in terms of how people can build upon the idea, make it different, make it better, take it to new meaning, etc..  How often are you yes, and-ing with those around you?

Will keep sharing the learnings as they come.  For now, I hope you enjoy the series and if you have a general area you’d like to build up some ideas on let’s talk.

Matt Kane


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