What Door Does A “No” Open

You’ve heard the stories:

  • Sylvester Stallone getting told ‘no’ multiple times before he finally got a reluctant yes to create Rocky
  • Seth Godin getting 100’s of ‘no’ answers after selling his first book
  • Colonel Sanders having 1,009 of his original recipes being given a ‘no’ before landing on the one that still graces his fried chicken empire today
  • Hugh Hefner being told ‘no’ when he asked for a five dollar raise
  • Oprah being told ‘no’ she couldn’t continue as a reporter because she was “unfit for TV”
  • Theodor Giesel, better known as Dr. Seuss, being told ‘no’ by 27 different publishers of his first book

What’s important in all of these is that the ‘no’ answer wasn’t the end point.  In fact, the ‘no’ opened doors for the person that may of otherwise led them down a different and perhaps worse path.

What doors could your next ‘no’ open for you?

Matt Kane

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