TV Show as Art – Sopranos Style

I’ve always loved the Sopranos series. I always thought it was well done, but after reading this incredibly detailed analysis of the last Sopranos episode I had an entirely new appreciation for how a TV show can truly be a work of art.

It’s a long read, but the breadth and depth to which the author goes into an analysis of the final episode of the Sopranos, which shows things you never imagined (I guarantee you), makes this something not to miss.

Most likely you will want to watch the entire series over again, and you might never look at a TV show the same way.

The Sopranos was David Chase’s Mona Lisa.  The analysis in this post of his work teaches so much you can apply to your own work like attention to detail, subtlety, and creating a compelling story. Check it out.

Matt Kane

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