The Pre-Real Estate Market

The last two houses that I have heard about being bought and sold have been situations where the deal was initiated even before the house was officially on the market.  Seems that there’s currently no organized way to capitalize on this ‘pre-real estate market’ and it’s ripe for the innovating.

One deal was closed after a casual mention on a facebook post (“I have a friend in XYZ town that is thinking of selling her house”) which led another person to share and then caught the eye of a perspective buyer/friend that ended up moving forward with the deal.  In the other situation, after I lost a bid on a house in a neighborhood I wanted, my realtor smartly sent a short postcard to everyone in the neighborhood saying that there was a potential buyer for the area and if anyone was at all thinking of selling their home in the next few months to call.   That led someone who was potentially thinking of listing their home in 4-8 months to call and I ended up moving forward on that deal.

Many people don’t want to start announcing their home might be for sale for many reasons.  Creating a pre-real estate market where potentially / casually interested buyers and sellers could test the waters may lead to ways to benefit every party involved.

What other market could benefit from a pre-market?

Matt Kane

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