Ideas Every Day #48 – Used Kid Toys Hospital Donation & Kids Play Zone

Figuring out what to do with the toys and furniture your child grows out of can be a pain.  You don’t want to just throw them away and in many cases you don’t have someone in the family that is ready to take them.  Maybe you just also want to do something with them that can benefit even more than one child.

How about a website that connects hospitals with slightly used kids toys from families in the area?  Imagine being able to help build out a child play zone in the hospital you had the baby in just by donating your old toys.

If you’ve ever tried to donate things like that to a hospital you know it’s a pain – let’s make it easier.  There are tons of ways and things we could do to make sure that every hospital has an amazing play area for children that have to stay in the hospital as well as siblings that come to visit.  The average visit from a sibling to another sibling that has to stay in the hospital is five times longer in a hospital with a children’s play zone than in one without.  Wouldn’t you like to help a kid in the hospital hang out with his or her sister or brother five times longer.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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