Ideas Every Day #39 – Nesting Lounge Chairs

Maybe you don’t have enough lounge chairs in your backyard or pool to make this an issue, but take a few minutes to watch the resort staff on your next vacation and you’ll see how painful the following situation can be.

It’s the end of the day, or a storm is coming and now it’s up to the pool staff to clean up and stack all the lounge chairs from the pool deck.  Unfortunately for them, it’s back breaking work consisting of lifting up each and every chair and placing it on top of one another, then trying to move piles of them to somewhere else or use expensive push carts to move them around.   Unfortunately for the owner of the resort this happens every day, many times twice a day (set up and take down) and wastes a significant amount of staff time.

What if the lounge chairs took on some of the properties of shopping carts and nested and rolled around easily?  Think about how much more efficient daily pool operations would be and how much more pleased your guests be if they wanted to move their chairs around as well.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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