Does Where You Sit Determine Your Success

It always surprises me when we have a large company meeting and everyone that comes into the audience tries their hardest to sit away from the front.  Some people don’t want to be too explicit so they shuffle to the middle, and others blatantly wait a couple minutes before entering so they feel even more justified by sitting in the back.

The easiest way to stand out, to absorb the material even better, to set a good example and to show that you’re interested is to simply sit up front.

If you’re shying away towards the back, does that also reflect the type of work you’re delivering?  If you’re not willing to sit up front are you willing to take good risks with your work?

I’m not saying you have to be a super extrovert and go out of your way to show the world you’re up front, but even as someone that processes as an introvert couldn’t it be better to be up front where there are less distractions and more time for focus?

I sat in front purposely for every class (well, almost every class) in college.  I was able to absorb more of the material, focus better in class without the back of the room distractions, and I got noticed (and therefore helped) by the teachers a lot more.  It works in every venue.

You’ll pay more for an upfront seat at a concert but avoid it at the place you get paid to sit there.

A small thing with potential big impact.

Matt Kane

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