Why I Have 2 Phones

When people discover that I have a Blackberry and an iPhone they usually look at me weird and ask why I have two phones.  This usually occurs when I pull them out of my pocket and put them next to wherever I’m working.

It’s an easy explanation: I use my Blackberry for work email, and my iPhone is my personal phone.  For years we weren’t able to get our work email on our iPhone so this is a learned behavior that people used to understand.  However, we’ve been able to get our work email on iPhones for a while now and I still won’t make the switch.

It’s still pretty simple for me though: I appreciate the separation between work emails and all else.   For one, it allows me to focus. When I’m sorting through professionally related email it’s not in the same pane as my personal dealings (and yes, I know you can have it that way even on one phone.) Also, it allows me to make sure that I don’t get caught in the trap of always being ‘on.’  Yes, many folks think showing that they’re connected 24X7 is a good thing, but I find that I can make sure I’m even more effective in the times I am ‘on’ if there’s also an ‘off’.

Unfortunately, there’s also the low-grade technical facts that in a given day I can wear down the battery on both phones and sometimes I’ll need to switch between two just for good coverage since they’re on separate carriers.  Even if there was a phone without those technical limitations for now I’m happy having the division.

What works for you?  If you’re doing it one way, try the other and see.

Matt Kane

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