What Type of Local Services Startup Should You Build

Users that live outside of San Francisco, New York or other cities sometimes don’t always get the chance to experience all of the wonders of websites that offer offline or in-person type services.  For instance, I’m pretty close to NYC and Philadelphia (a fast growing tech hub), but I’m still waiting for taskrabbit and urbansitter to become available in my area.

That’s why when I get the chance to experience one of these type of just in time online / offline connections it usually pleases me.

The other day I wanted to see how emove.com might work for my area. Well, I submitted a request online, got a call back in less than 5 minutes and had 2 people at my door within an hour.

Needless to say my overall feeling of wonder and excitement about the internet for online and offline connection, even in non-mega cities, was amplified.

I think it’ll be interesting to see how companies that are well established in local markets (emove.com is powered by UHaul) can compete against up and coming startups like taskrabbit or Zaarly Storefronts that launch in bigger areas.

Sure, if you’re starting a startup from the ground up you need to start somewhere, and starting local is great.  However, maybe the better question is how do I start a startup that can bring an offline legacy company or offering with already established local footprints to the web.

Matt Kane

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