The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin

The Icarus Deception from Squarespace on Vimeo.

On Wednesday of last week Seth Godin had his Icarus Deception launch event in NYC.  I had the fortune to attend and hear Seth give a talk about his new book(s) (Icarus Deception, V is for Vulnerable and Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck.)

It was a great talk and helped reinforce the lessons and message of the books as well as present them in a new way.

Here’s some quick notes I jotted down from the talk – I highly recommend the books. I kept the notes from the talk fairly unedited.

  • We need to learn how to see
  • We need to be able to accept and say – this might not work
  • Member of dramatics (band that started the day) – he’s around people practicing musical instruments all day while he is in the subway station making music in all day
  • I made this (highlighted made then I to reinforce the scary part of “I”)
  • Man who was first man in space grew up in a mud hut – in his lifetime he went from mud hut to space
  • Peter Menzel artist – take all stuff out of house take pic
  • There’s not one person on earth that knows how to make a mouse – connection of people each with knowledge makes us richer
  • We’re all leaders and can lead and decide ourselves – no one at grand central station bumps into one another
  • Brisket Town (network effect in meat, other examples of connection economy – in restaurants)
  • Cake example (from book – the experience economy). Look at pricing of something: from cake ingredients all the way to bakery all the way to cake at a fancy restaurant – increasing prices (connection)
  • Making something worth paying extra for for means people will pay extra for it
  • Cheetah pic and kamiwaza
  • Art – Jackson pollack vs his brother Charles – couldn’t criticize Charles work – art is leap of faith
  • If u can write it down, I can find it cheaper
  • If u care about something u find each other
  • If failure is not an option then neither is success
  • Just be able to say this might not work – then you’re an artist
  • No one ever done creative work on blackberry – just way to see if everyone still likes you
  • Worst case scenario generator
  • Resistance is a compass
  • Story of dog and running after it (monk faces angry dog that breaks leash — ran right at the dog and it went away)
  • Customers know how to make existing stuff better – not how or what to take the leap to what they don’t even know could exist yet
  • 7 or 10 year arc of school/etc and no one complaining about that vs people complaining about building etc something for ten years vs overnight success (Kickstarter 3 hours vs 7 years blogging)
  • Once you get industrial / Corporate you aren’t looking for wins you’re looking to avoid losses
  • Smaller and tighter you’re tribe – the easier it is to not have to re introduce  yourself to the tribe (i.e. – grow rich in your niche)

By the way, if you’d like a copy let me know. I have a couple extra from supporting his kickstarter.

Matt Kane

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