The Curse of the Great Idea

Did you ever get that flash of inspiration where you came up with a great idea and it started to consume you.  You couldn’t sleep, you had to research it right away, your existing work went by the wayside and you couldn’t think of anything else except that idea.

You’ve just experienced the curse of the great idea.

The curse is that it consumes all your thinking and makes you almost blind to anything else.  Sure, this blindness is sometimes good to help you focus and believe that your idea could change the world.  Yet, many times it means you are so in love with the idea that you’re not willing to even think about anything else, or you fall into traps like in innovation arrogance.

The cure for the curse of the great idea: action.

Ideas are great if they give you the muscles to build creative confidence and  start the process of making something, but the only thing that makes ideas worth anything is taking action on them.

Matt Kane

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