The Christmas Eve Sale

It was late afternoon Christmas Eve.  My family and I were headed out to our relatives house for the traditional feast of the seven fishes and the call came to my cell phone.  It was our Realtor and the owners of a house we had been going back and forth on offers to buy came back with an unexpectedly great proposal.  Our Realtor spent a long portion of that morning and the night before making sure that the counter-offer we received on that phone call was perfect.

Offer accepted, stress relieved, house secured, bank account happy – all before we reached our relatives house.

I’ve been close to the real estate business for years, even being a licensed Realtor since my Junior year of College and having spent a few summers working in a real estate office.  One thing I know is that generally there is a negative stereotype of real estate agents, like most commission based sales people.  Whenever there are commissions involved people will assume the salesperson is not acting in the customer’s best interest.

However, any long-term, successful salesperson will always have the customer’s best interest at heart.  That’s the only way they stay successful long-term.

Sure, the first part of this post could of made you say ‘of course the Realtor did that, he wanted to make his money.’   However, it’s been a couple days since Christmas Eve, and while talking with him it came out about why he wanted to work so hard to get us that counter-offer.

He knew that having it all locked up that night would make Christmas Eve and morning even more special for our family.   He could of waited plenty of days and everything still would of went through.  Instead he decided to put his customer’s first and find a way to make a sales transaction even more special (for both us and the owners).

When’s the last time you thought about how you can create that for your clients?  When’s the last time you gave that kind of respect to a commission based sales person?

Matt Kane

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