Stop Hoarding Your Work

A couple days ago I got a informational handout from a company that made me laugh.  Basically, the bottom of the page featured the disclaimer: “Reproduction by any means is prohibited without permission. If you’d like to purchase copies of this handout please…”

This was from a consulting company that makes all of its money on in-person engagements with medium to large companies.

Let’s also be clear. I’m not saying they should allow folks to steal their copyrighted information or intellectual capital.  But, if you were running a consulting business and wanted to get more leads and help other people share how great you were as a company wouldn’t you let people copy and distribute simple handouts.

The more your name and information is out there the better chance people would want to bring you in for an engagement.

What are you giving away?  What are you not giving away?  Worse yet, what are you scaring your existing customers from not sharing by means of your outdated policies.

Matt Kane

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