Mindfulness: How to Enjoy Being in the Moment

At our recent TEDxJNJ event we had a TEDxJNJ Adventure with Harriet Stein, a JNJ employee who practices and teaches mindfulness seminars with participants all around the world.

Read this great first hand account from Paul Langdon here.

Think of mindfulness (my own definition) as being present and grateful in a meditative / reflective type spirit.  Here’s Wikipedia’s definition.  Again, read the account for a better definition and after that make sure to take some time to pay attention to what is around you right now.

Mindfulness seems to be popping up more and more too.  I’m sure some of that is my RAS alerting me now that I’ve met and worked with Harriet but it’s also because in our ever connected, never-off world it’s becoming even more important to become more mindful.

p.s. – your RAS is that part of the brain that creates the phenomenon where when you buy a new XYZ car or whatever you start to see 100 times more XYZ cars on the road – because you’re more aware they exist.  The more something is towards a certain part of your brain, the more you notice it.  I wonder how you can leverage that knowledge too.

Matt Kane

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