Ideas Every Day #30 – The Scrolling, Clicking and Navigating Shoe

So you’re sitting in a meeting, your phone is on the table and you want to operate it but you don’t want to seem like your playing with your phone.  Well, how about using your big toe to scroll, click and navigate around.

Go ahead, start moving your toe around right now inside your shoe.  See, plenty of opportunity to do something worthwhile.

Sure, using your phone during meetings may of not been the best inspiration for the idea but what about folks that don’t have use of their hands, or have their hands full with bags or something.  What other things could you accomplish with a ‘third hand’ to do some activity on your phone.

Think in-shoe technology is far off.  Check out what Apple recently proposed for tech in your shoes.  Hopefully something like this is next. Everything needed is currently available.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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2 thoughts on “Ideas Every Day #30 – The Scrolling, Clicking and Navigating Shoe

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