Ideas Every Day #31 – Oven Scents

Ever try to sell your house?  If so, I’m sure you’ve heard of that old house staging technique of baking cookies or a pie right before a potential buyer comes for a visit.  The house fills up with that great smell and it makes the buyer feel at home so s/he wants to buy the property.

Well, unless your house sells after the first potential buyer walks through making a new batch of cookies for each visit is impossible.

How about a small sheet you put in the oven, on very low temperature that generates the smell of cookies, or pies, or whatever in order to fill your home with that great scent.

Seems like the oven is just a waste most of the time it’s sitting there.  I wonder if generating scents would be nice even if you weren’t staging your house for sale. What’s the scent that would wake me up in a better mood or is perfect for a house party?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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