Ideas Every Day #28 – A Better Conference Room Booker

Do you hate trying to use your existing conference room reservation system?  Whether it’s a sign up sheet outside the room, an email address you have to wait for a reply from, or even using something like built-in Outlook functionality they all have lots of things that don’t work.

There’s lots of improvements to be made: how to verify the room is still needed so it’s not just blocked and not used, how to add/delete new spaces, how to share with external folks and how to get reporting on room usage and power users are all examples.

Provide the better solution and also think about all the data you can collect (like adding fields for what the meeting is about/etc. to find out even more data about rooms.)  What could you then do w/ that data after you already sold in your solution.  Lots of possibilities.  You could even become the de-facto consultant / insight provider for new companies / buildings on what type and how many rooms to build.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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