Ideas Every Day #17 – Peeled Orange Storage Unit

Oranges are great to carry around or throw in a lunch box because you don’t have to do much because of their natural covering.  However, in some cases you’d like to be able to remove the skin/rind and have the orange ready to eat, but still store it for a while (kids have a hard time peeling oranges.)  To solve this you’ve just put the orange in a bag whole or in the slices.  You then quickly notice that very shortly the orange becomes less desirable because juice runs out when it’s broken apart or it gets smushed.

That’s why we need an orange protector.  It’s cylindrical shape holds the orange, locks in the juice and keeps it ready to eat in a moment’s notice because you’ve already removed the skin.

Hey, if nothing else, when it gets listed on Amazon maybe it will get as funny reviews as the banana slicer.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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