Ideas Every Day #1 – Disappearing Confetti

Happy New Year, I hope you have a wonderful 2013.

This year I’m going to try something I’m calling (for now) “Ideas Every Day” where I’ll post one or more random ideas or thought starters every day of 2013.  There’s no particular area I’m looking to focus on so we’ll see what happens with the types of ideas over time.  Also, I’m looking to keep it simple and quick so I don’t get caught in the ‘it has to be perfect before I put it out there” mode.

The first one has a new year’s theme:

Confetti is great, but cleaning it up stinks.  How about a confetti that disappears or disintegrates a couple seconds or minutes after it lands.  If you’re outside maybe it turns into fertilizer for the ground and if you’re inside maybe it gets the floor clean.  Think Listerine strip meets confetti.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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