2013 Resolutions

I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions.  They usually seem too vague, made in haste, and not followed up with a plan or measurement.  That being said, they’re still an easy way to relate a couple thoughts about the upcoming year to folks instead of talking in language like: here are my goals and objectives, the ways I’m going to measure them, the outcomes I’m hoping for and my ultimate vision for the year.  I also think it’s better to wait a few weeks/days into the New Year so not to be swayed by the hype of Jan 1.

So, here’s a list of some 2013 resolutions I’m sharing.  Let’s hear yours as well and let me know how I can support you.

In 2013 I will:

  • not use how fast I reply to an email as a measure of success.
  • make working from where I’m most effective more a norm
  • use my steering wheel more effectively (I’ll probably describe this in a later post)
  • hand write more personal notes (at least 1 every other week)
  • severely limit text and driving
  • wear a tux at least 12 times for whatever reason or no reason at all
  • restrict multi-tasking, focus solely on one thing at a time
  • utilize my goal setting process regularly
  • watch less than 1.5 hours of TV per week (not including Shark Tank)
  • take more time to get to know people, especially while at some of the amazing conferences or meet ups I am fortunate to attend.
  • outsource more of my daily routine
  • more intensely investigate at least 2 more really, really crazy life long ideas
  • think more before speaking, wait a day before replying to certain messages
  • keep standing at my desk
  • be willing to put out more things that might not work (like in the spirit of this, this and especially this)
  • not complain about circumstances I knowingly create or live into professionally
  • remove 2 ‘life’ goals (to ensure more focus on existing)
  • take the time to find even more meaning in more of the things I do

There’s more but they’re a little more goal specific vs. principles/resolutions.  I might follow them up in a separate post and talk about the differences but I think these are good for now.

Feel free to help hold me accountable, that’s what friends are for.

Matt Kane

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