2013 Predictions

Everyone else is doing it, so here are some of my 2013 predictions – focused on the internet / digital area.

  • there will be a new horribly stupid name / acronym for a combination of trends like we’ve seen with SoLoMo.  Maybe this year will be 3DpMoBd (3D Printing Mobile Big Data).
  • Linkedin will get more spammy (it just seems like it’s happening)
  • DantheShipper will be acquired (for being awesome)
  • big companies will want one agency that does everything, and bring much more day-to-day in-house (but that’s already happening too)
  • Twitter will get more spammy (let’s all try to make sure this doesn’t happen)
  • Black Friday will be much less about in-store vs. online
  • people will switch their job title from Social Media Guru to Analytics Wizard
  • Google will make another major hire like Ray Kurzweil and give her/him free reign
  • more viruses on Macs
  • RIM/Blackberry will either die or ridiculously wow us, no in-between anymore
  • more b2b start-ups or big companies developing their own accelerators / start-up programs
  • most desirable big company / corporate job title will be Intrapreneur or Innovator
  • a car or app in car will be hacked with bad results
  • there will be a proliferation of apps/etc. that try to recover stolen phones by using the built-in camera/etc..
  • Looxcie will somehow be used by the paparazzi
  • API’s will exponentially grow
  • they’ll start naming natural disasters after technology (like Tropical Storm Palm Pilot)
  • NYC or Paris fashion week will have at least one designer feature his/her models: as wifi hotspots, with hashtags tattoos, wearing integrated fashion with min-iPads, or wearing a sandwich board style analytics dashboard while walking up and down the runway that shows massive amounts of useless data about the model like speed of walk, step pressure, direction, air resistance, smile width, etc., etc..  Big data meets runway.

I’ve seen a lot of other folks posting predictions as well and many of them seem like the person would rather be right instead of bold.  If you’re too right with your predictions maybe it means you’re not shooting high enough (not saying mine are that ‘high’ – or that they even make sense).  Although, I guess that’s not what the point of predictions are, those are more like the dream list.  Whatever.

Matt Kane

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