Redefining Gift Giving

I love Christmas more than the average person. Mainly it’s the houses covered in ridiculous amounts of Christmas lights, memories of holiday traditions and giving out gifts that make the season really special for me.

This year there seems to be a whole new slew of material things that help make the gift giving process even funner: prank gift boxes, light up ties for wine bottles (and yes, I screamed in ‘I didn’t create that’ frustration when I saw this simple, genius idea plastered all over Bed Bath and Beyond), and even more ways to personalize gifts.

That all being said, for me, gift giving of ‘typical’ material things continues to become more and more un-fulfilling.

Over the last two years we’ve seen more curated lists to help make the gift giving process better, but no one seems to be truly re-defining gift giving.  In the connection economy who needs another power drill?  One idea: how can your gift help the receiver attain his/her personal goals?

This week alone I’ve received 3 of the best gifts I’ve ever received.  They were simple thank you cards, but had lots of thought put into writing notes inside them.  How can we make emotion scale this holiday season?  Forget scaling, try it for even one person.  For your gift to someone special think about how can you make him or her feel – not what you’re going to get him or her.

Matt Kane

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