Print Advertising Gets Animated

A couple weeks ago I took the MBTA Red Line in Boston into Harvard Square.  As the train sped down the track I blankly stared out the window and was suddenly surprised when the Blue Man Group started performing right outside the train windows.  (the video above isn’t mine, but you might be able to get the idea from it)

After the sudden confusion wore off I realized that I wasn’t watching the reflection of some movie on the train windows, I was watching the creative use of traditional print advertising to create animation.

There were hundreds of posters lining the subway walls that while the train drove along became alive.  Think of it as a modern day Zoetrope.

Printing thousands of the same exact print poster is easy.  Designing, printing and sequentially hanging hundreds of print ads in a row in the exact right spot so that your viewer gets to watch a story unfold is art.  If it’s art you’re trying to promote, don’t go the easy route.

Also, if you’re looking to start a revolution in print ads as a small shop – build software and services to help this scale.

Matt Kane

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