Learning to See from Kids Movies

My kids first started watching the Toy Story movies earlier this year because I happened to DVR the third movie one night.  Since that time I’ve probably watched Toy Story 3 a couple hundred times.

What amazes me almost every time I watch it (when the kids are peaceful enough that I can pay attention) is that I notice something new that I haven’t seen before.  It can be a new piece of dialogue  a new item in the background or just something that catches my eye for the first time.

I’ve even started making a game out of it like ‘what trivia questions could I make up from what’s going on right now’ (you’d be surprised, I’m guessing you could get about 50 trivia questions from any 60 second clip of the movie), or ‘what happens if I look even closer at that one thing in the background.’  Sometimes I’ll even say ‘OK, I’m going to pretend I’m this character in the movie and watch from that POV, or I’m going to pretend I’m (insert random profession here) and watch the movie from that POV.’

While these type of games help pass the time when watching the movie for the ump-teenth time I think it’s also good training in learning how to see.

When  you learn how to see and notice things then ideas and opportunities are everywhere.  When you can learn to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and see the world you can begin to understand what other people want and/or need.  All great things begin by taking the time to see them.

Who knew we could all learn so much from watching the same thing over and over and over and over….

Matt Kane

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