What to Do When the Power Goes Out

My first job overseas was as an Information Security Auditor for a Global Company. Sexy, I know. Basically, I would show up in a Country, spend two weeks reviewing and trying to break into systems at a local Company division then spend the final two weeks working with the Management of that local Company to remediate, fix and document any issues.

One of the areas of testing that I performed was around disaster recovery. I constantly communicated scenarios of having entire offices and data centers wiped out and inoperable due to things like natural disasters then reviewing what would happen to the state of the business, data, and personnel if that event occurred.

The recent events and stories coming out of Hurricane Sandy reminded me just how important disaster recovery planning is for Companies and for our personal lives. How often are you asking yourself or your teams and testing “what would we do if the power went out.” It might be the smallest disaster you can plan for, but hopefully it sets in motion plans for all types of scenarios.

Matt Kane

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