There’s a Middle-Man for That

As they say, there’s an app for that. Well, because of an email I recently received I’ve been reminded that there’s also a Broker for that too.

The email I received was from someone at Apptopia. As he stated in the email: “Apptopia brokers micro-acquisitions of mobile apps, providing brands and publishers with the ability to acquire, brand, and build upon currently available apps.”

At first I thought, great, another middle man involved in a process to try and reap some value (although I am also a licensed Real Estate Agent so I understand the benefits of having middle men sometimes.) After I digested it a while I changed my thinking to believe it’s a great example of where you can create a business that didn’t exist before by adding value to the overall ecosystem.

With the millions and millions of apps available and the constantly changing trends it’s almost impossible for a Brand, small business or Company to be an expert of what’s working in apps, what apps currently exist in their market, apps that exist in corollary markets that they might be able to leverage or learn from and the other multitude of ways that things like apps can be leveraged. That’s where someone like a Broker can provide immense value. Once that value is identified there is a good argument for the services a middle-man can provide in the closing of a deal.

So, if you’re looking for your next great app, think about taking over an existing one and tweaking before making your own. Also, if you’re looking for your next business opportunity, think about ways you can help bring two parties together that could mutually benefit.

Matt Kane

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