Innovating the Empty Space in Your Wallet

With all of the work going on in mCommerce and the increasing ability to pay for everything using a credit card it’s only a matter of time before the space in your wallet or purse that used to hold your physical bills becomes empty.  Given the fact that almost everyone carries some form of wallet or purse it also seems like the perfect time to develop new things that can take up all of that empty space and make life better for people around the world.

What can you come up with by cross-pollinating the physical size of paper money (of course taking into account the different dimensions of currency around the world) with already existing products?  How about new products?

Here are a couple ideas to get started with designing for your wallet, let’s hear yours as well:

  • Duct tape in handy single serve six inch long strips
  • Adhesive bandages in wallet friendly packaging
  • LISTERINE® strips or other breath fresheners that don’t require stand-alone packaging
  • A flexible, lightweight backup cell phone battery
  • Headphones that fold flat and stay organized in your wallet the same way paper currency would
  • Car keys
  • Post-it notes to fit your wallet (I’m way too big a fan of Post-it notes)
  • Energy bars for on the go food / energy
  • Blackjack strategy (oh wait, they exist already)

Design something great for your wallet and it’ll fill up that empty space with money.

Matt Kane

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