Helping Students Learn More While Teachers Earn More Money

Teachers in schools all across the world spend enormous amounts of time crafting and refining lesson plans and materials, to the best of their ability, to teach their students. Thanks to Teachers Pay Teachers, those educators now have access to other teacher’s materials and can post their own plans as well to try and sell for a profit.

Thanks to TPT the students benefit too.  The teacher now has even more time to work with them because the lesson plan is already developed. The teacher can also now search for the absolute best lesson plans on a particular subject since he/she has access to a whole library, not just what s/he was able to create.

15,000 teachers (even more details on earnings here) are currently posting their materials on the site and any teacher can start posting his/her material right away. Lots of teachers try and supplement their income in various ways with side jobs, etc. and this seems like a way to leverage the work that many of them are already performing in their teaching jobs. Check out my post on the idea of leveraging your previous work.

Even if you’re a teacher that doesn’t want to make money off the site, wouldn’t it be nice to provide your best materials to another teacher that may not be as strong in that particular area so his/her students get an even better education.

Matt Kane

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