Why You Can’t Get Really Important Work Done: Fantasy Football

Today is Sunday and here in the US that means that millions of people are glued to various screens watching their entire week of planning, negotiating, researching and risk taking play out live.  Yes, it’s the day when lots of potentially great people completely waste their time playing fantasy football.

We don’t need to get into a whole argument here about it because all I need is the answer to one question, and if you can still do great work and everything you’ve ever wanted to get done and go crazy with fantasy football then good for you. You’re in the very low percentage. If you’ve built a business off of it because it’s your passion, even better.

That one question: are you really that productive or do you really have that much time on your hands that you have nothing else even remotely valuable you can fill your time throughout the week with (and money invested in joining your league)?

Maybe this doesn’t ring true for you, great.  However, 99% of people I’ve encountered that play fantasy sports have an entire to-do list or shoulda-woulda-coulda list or bucket list of things that they could be filling up this time with.  Fantasy sports are an entire industry (huge industry) devoted to pleasing your procrastination muscles or “Lizard Brain” or “the Resistance.”

The players on your fantasy teams don’t care about you. Stop caring so much about them and put that much care back into your life.

Matt Kane

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