The State of The Internet: Research on the Digital Industry

Henry Blodget and Alex Cocotas of BI Intelligence put together an amazing overview of the current State of the Internet.  It’s a ton of good research information that you can use in various ways like justifying your next recommendation for your team’s digital strategy, or uncovering what area your team might want to focus on next.

Here’s some hints: mobile is big, digital is 20% of global ad spend, and Facebook and Google are sure bets.  Sure, that doesn’t sound like anything new – but that’s just the first four slides out of what seems like hundreds.  Lots of great stuff included here to digest.

More importantly, how can you look at this data differently than the other thousands of people viewing it.  Take the time to try to see things that others are going to miss, that’s where your real breakthrough programs (or cancelling of programs) will come from.

Matt Kane

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