Harnessing A City Full of Data

Open Data Philly is a great example of a city putting data online for the public to build upon.  Sure, I love Philly because I grew up there, but it’s a good example even for someone that doesn’t love the cheesesteaks.

I’ve talked about the Government’s data initiative before with data.gov and it’s nice to see examples of this on a more local level as well.

We’ve all heard the term, grow rich in your niche and in this case your niche can be an entire city’s worth of data.  Cities that continue opening up their data sets are sure to see all kinds of useful things being invented that could serve the community or bring light to opportunity areas.  I wonder when someone will do a graphic to show cities and states with the most data online in correlation to home price and/or job growth. Hmmmm.

Matt Kane

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