Family Vacations – Guinness World Records Style

Want to spice up your next family vacation? Instead of your typical family vacation with everyone off doing their own thing make your vacation a bonding moment and something special you’ll share by working together to break or create a new world record.

The setting a world record process is fairly straight forward. It’ll also involve the family well before the actual vacation starts because you’ll be coming up with ideas on what record to go after, researching it and developing an execution plan, performing the attempt and then celebrating.

Besides just the fun leading up to the attempt, who wouldn’t want to give their kids the chance to go back to school and answer the standard question of ‘what did you do on your vacation’ with something as fun as ‘oh, my family and I broke a world record.’

Want to make it even more fulfilling, instead of focusing on having your family break the record figure out how to help other families or people break records. The feeling you and your family will get working together to help someone else achieve something fun, cool and memorable will be even better than breaking a record yourselves.

Of course, you could always just take a volunteer vacation with the family, which might be even more fulfilling.

Matt Kane

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