Amazing Online Education Resources

Here are three of my current favorite online education resources. They’re on the list because of my recent experiences of using the software, their vast course offerings, their high quality faculty and content and overall opportunity for learning. By the way, they’re all free.

Coursera – nice range of course offerings from various Universities and high caliber professors and easy to use software. Just completed their Gamification course from UPenn and they have a Healthcare Innovation & Entrepreneurship course coming up from Duke.

Khan Academy – one of the originals that is still great. Love the self paced learning and heavy use of video. Lots of subjects to choose from.

Venture Lab @ Stanford – very nice software and team/group management capabilities and amazing teachers. Seems to attract a higher caliber student as well.

Be like Rodney Dangerfield and go back to school.  Better yet, make this your new school.

Matt Kane

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