The No Fail Interview

Ever have the situation where you go to interview for a position that you truly believe you won’t get?  Whether it’s the fact that you believe you’re grossly under (or over) qualified or you think that there’s already an incumbent that has the position locked up and they’re just interviewing for a ‘check the box’ type reason, there are plenty of reasons that people think a position is already locked in before it really is.

In many cases, this is just the brain’s defense mechanism setting in so that no matter how the interview goes, you already have an excuse as to why it didn’t go your way.  In a very small amount of cases though, maybe you’re right and there’s hardly any reason you should get your hopes up about this particular opportunity.

So, if that’s the case, why not approach the interview like you never have before?  Show up with carefully thought through plans that radically reshape the entire department or company you’re going to interview with.  Spend the first 30 minutes outling and drawing diagrams about why you want this job more than anyone has ever wanted this job before (and should you really be interviewing for any position where that is not the case)?  Be brave, be bolder than you ever have… after all, if what you’re thinking is true it gives you the opportunity to try something totally different than anything you or just about anyone before you has tried.

What if you thought every interview was no fail?  What if you showed up to every job discussion with the same passion and level of grand recommendations as when you thought you couldn’t fail?

Matt Kane

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