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Do you get excited and work relentlessly at a new idea when it first comes to you?  Do you find your energy and focus on that idea waning over time?  If so, you’re living in the idea / energy model described by Behance in the picture above.

The first step to rectifying this is recognizing it.  The next step is working to keep your energy and focus at a sustainable level right from the beginning.  Sure, if you find out that the idea or new project you’re working on is something you should throw away and move onto the next thing, that’s great.  There’s power in finding that out as quick as possible. Just don’t mistake something you should stop working on with something that’s just hard and you’re in the Dip as Seth Godin would describe it.

So, next time you get that great idea or you start to feel your dedication to a current idea wearing off think about what’s happening in regards to the graph above.  Then ask yourself, could you really ever accomplish anything great in any particular area by jumping into the next thing just because you allowed yourself to slow down on the current idea.

Stay at the top of the graph.

Matt Kane

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