A Kiva or Kickstarter for Cancer Patients

Would you prefer to donate $25 dollars to one of the national cancer charities (i.e. American Cancer Society or Alex’s Lemonade Stand) or directly to a person suffering from cancer that you are guaranteed will use the money for something related to his/her illness?

With such successful models of fundraising like Kickstarter and Indiegogo for projects, and Kiva for microfinance loans I think it’s about time we develop a fundraising platform that ties donations directly to people that need them the most and a system to ensure their needs are represented clearly and vetted for legitimacy.

A whole ecosystem has developed around ensuring Kiva loans go to the right people and have the highest success rate of repayment.  Instead of looking for repayment, the ecosystem that will develop around this need will ensure that the person receiving the funds uses them for the right reasons.  Whether it’s for paying off a medical bill or raising enough money so a mom can afford babysitting while she goes and gets her chemo treatments the people donating will get to choose who they want to help and will know it will go towards the stated reason.

Back in 2006 I heard about Kiva and was fascinated.  Shortly thereafter I wrote “Kiva for cancer” down in my notebook as an idea I had for a project with a non-profit I work with. Unfortunately it sat in that book and while the sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo got built there doesn’t seem to be something for fundraising for individuals with diseases. Can you help? This isn’t just something to sit on anymore, let’s get this going.

Matt Kane

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3 thoughts on “A Kiva or Kickstarter for Cancer Patients

    • One for labs sounds great too – and could get people excited about participating in ground breaking science in a new way as well. I’d love to fund some of the things I’ve heard about in labs – just out of pure excitement of what’s going on and think of the types of rewards like being given ‘insider access/info’ to see the stuff in progress/etc..

      I’ll check out the link – thanks. And as it develops I’d love to keep in touch to hear more and any ques. just let me know.

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