Thoughts on My One Year Blog-iversary

August 13th marked my one year blog-iversary.  While I haven’t necessarily achieved all of my one year blogging goals, here’s a quick recap and some thoughts.

  • I’ve posted 135 posts in that first year (not including those 30 or so still in draft that are random one line ideas that are just posts waiting to be finished.)
  • At an average of 1 post every 2.7 days I’m a little behind my ‘write every day’ goal.
  • Where or why I came up with the every day goal is probably rooted somewhere in all of Seth Godin’s posts and advice but also because it’s just so simple and elegant that one per day seems like the right goal to have.
  • I’ve changed my approach or ways I post numerous times and that feels OK.
  • Two of my proudest blogging moments (comments from people I highly respect) reflect that I have some work to do in terms of reaching that enlightened stage of not caring what anyone thinks. That being said, it’s always nice to hear positive feedback, especially when it’s from someone you respect deeply.
  • I haven’t received any real negative comments or contacts, which could mean I’m not pushing the envelope enough or throwing out wild enough ideas.
  • It’s shown me that sometimes I can write a post while there are a million things going on and everything’s trying to distract me, while other times I need to have the ‘perfect’ situation and set up in order to sit down and write.  What I’ve realized is that the latter is really just my procrastination mechanism (lizard brain) kicking in and trying to find excuses for me not to ship something.
  • Writing teaches you about more than just how to write.
  • I am much more aware that there are way too many schools of thought or “guidelines” about what to do or not to do and how to blog and the best advice is to just do it and ignore many of the “10 laws of blogging” type pieces of advice and just do what feels good for you.
  • I wish I encountered more people in the ‘physical’ world that blog also because it would be nice to have more in person conversations about this medium too.  Face to face conversations are truly underrated and becoming too scarce.
  • Blogging at this rate gives me even more respect for those that write more frequently or have different styles, etc..
  • I’m extremely glad I formally started, but still kick myself a little for not starting sooner.
  • I’m very excited and honored to have you read my posts, thank you.
  • This past year has flown by which makes me think of all the other things I should start today so that one year from today I am in that much better of a place (like Dan’s point about learning to code.)

So, what’s on your list for the next year.  Start. I can’t wait to read or hear about how it’s gone a year from now.

Matt Kane

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