The Simplest Life Management Tool Ever: The Four Box

Don’t know where to spend your time? Don’t worry about fancy planning systems and complicated prioritization algorithms, use a simple four box chart to know exactly what you should be working on right now.

Excuse the simplicity, but that’s the point. A simple four box chart can help ensure you’re focusing on the right things and avoiding those things that are not important and not urgent.

Want to use it for something other than time management – just change the labels.  Going on a diet – categorize all the foods you can eat by boxing them along the healthy/not healthy and tastes good/doesn’t taste good spectrum.  It’ll be a nice reminder of what you should be eating.  Want to figure out which features to build into the next phase of your MVP – use the speed to develop (fast/slow) and consumers’ interest (high/low) as your categories. How about trying to better your relationships – make the categories I like/don’t like and s/he likes/doesn’t like. Spend most of the time in the we both like box on the top right of the four box.

Again, it may be the simplest tool out there, but it can work for you if you label the axis correctly and actually use it.  Simple works.

Matt Kane

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