The Original Infographic for Your Data

While inforgraphics are the new rage in how to present data visually, the best tool for presenting data has been around since 1932. Next time you’re giving a presentation where you need to present charts and data raid your children’s toy box and break out the LEGO sets.

They’re easy to manipulate, can represent an almost endless amount of data thanks to the various colors, and will help your audience absorb the information in an entirely new way.

When was the last time a chart was made tactile for you?

While it’ll cause some laughs at first, your audience won’t be able to ignore the data like they have in the countless other presentations that have used graphs to convey a message. When you need to get your point across, and you want to make the information memorable LEGOs are the way to go.

Credit to @tedmiller99 for the idea originally.

Matt Kane

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