The Full Lifecycle of Customer Service

Companies that strive to get customer service right are seeking ways to emulate the popular stories they hear from customer-centric companies like Zappos. What many of those imitators fail to realize is that the stories they hear are simply the beginning.

In order to be a truly customer service oriented company you must take the feedback and do something about the product or service, not just the issue.

Do people in your product management department even talk to the folks that answer the customer service hotline? Are the people at your digital agency doing social media monitoring meeting with the product designers on a regular basis? How many features did you add or takeaway or systematic improvements did you implement based on customer service feedback? How can you balance out the amount of effort or actual people you spend resolving issues vs. improving the product?

It seems that smaller companies get this right and pivot more frequently based on consumer feedback but as companies get bigger and departments get separated it becomes more of an issue. Either way, it’s important for all companies to pay attention because the small numbers of customers that mention an issue represent a larger group that remain silent.

What did you do to the actual product after the last consumer issue you heard?

Matt Kane

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