Reinventing the Parking Space

Given how ugly and wasteful parking lots are and with all of the creativity happening in transportation and services like ZipCar, Hertz on Demand or Uber becoming more popular I’m hoping there’s a time very soon when we have the “what are we going to do with all these parking spaces” problem.

Well, why wait till then to start thinking of what we can do with all of those spaces.  Parking spaces exist everywhere and their size is fairly consistent or within a similar range around the country / world so whatever you develop can take off quickly.  Here’s some ideas:

  • How can we mass produce parking space homes?
  • How many cars can you fit into one space?
  • How about using a space outside of your restaurant or driveway to produce all the fresh vegetables you need?
  • As more companies promote working from home, what can they do with all of those extra parking spaces – the parking space conference room or gym.
  • Retailers, set up with Square, using the parking lot as the check-out line.

Very similar to this is innovating on the shipping container.  Let’s get to work, who wants to set up an online competition?

Matt Kane

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