Realtors To Property Managers: A Jumping Off Point For Ideas

I’ve always had an eye on the real estate industry thanks to having family members being very involved in real estate and getting my real estate license thanks to one of my summer jobs between Sophomore and Junior years of undergrad.  Seeing the evolution of the industry and how to thrive in it have been interesting, especially when combining in my background in digital.

That being said, there’s an interesting thing going on in the real estate and private equity market now where firms are buying extremely large quantities of properties while typical realtors are not finding as much work as during the bubble (obviously) because of less individual buyers and sellers.

Seems that all of those properties will need some type of property manager model and with a background in real estate already, Realtors are in a great position to pick up the extra work and benefit from this trend.  So, if you know a Realtor, or if you want to develop the next wave of tools for the real estate industry, use this phenomenon as a springboard for ideas of how to capitalize on the current trend.

Matt Kane

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