Nike’s Product Is Their Olympic Marketing

The best marketing plans can’t make up for bad products, and the best products are marketing plans in and of themselves.  Nike took that to heart when they started developing their strategy for the 2012 Olympics by ensuring that the Nike products would do all the marketing that the Company needed.

They didn’t need commercials or paid advertisements – Nike had 400 Olympic athletes wearing their shoes and over 3,000 wearing their gear. To capitalize on that Nike made sure to make the product memorable by not only making it perform well for the athletes (like track suits that made runners faster because the suit mimicked the dimples on a golf ball) but also making it visible to the fans with a signature color – Volt.  Volt also just happens to be the color that is most visible to the human eye.

I’ve written before about how the product is the most important part of your marketing (here when talking about the real marketing moment of truth) and Nike showed on the world stage of the Olympics how to execute that flawlessly.

Read more about it here “Meet the Man Behind Nike’s Neon-Shoe Ambush”

Matt Kane

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