Making Video Conferences More Interesting

Video conferencing technologies like Skype, Google Hangouts (which I think is the winner right now) and FaceTime are helping make video conferences more pervasive. Unfortunately though, group meetings on them are getting to the point of being almost as boring as audio-only conference calls.

The real interesting part about that to me is that if you search on Amazon or Google you’ll see that almost no one is trying to do anything about making video conferences even more interactive.

There are thousands upon thousands of books, classes and consultants designed to try and make your in-person or audio meetings more effective.  When you search for help or ideas for video conferences you come up almost blank.

What a great chance to develop content. Stay tuned here and I hope you’ll share your ideas as well.  First random idea – get a game of charades going, totally possible on video with people from around the world.

Matt Kane

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