Do You Really Need More Than Google Analytics?

Maybe it’s because it’s free that many companies take it for granted, but Google Analytics has enough data and features to warrant any site owner’s respect. Sure, it isn’t the perfect tool, but before you decide not to spend any time learning what it’s capable of, or you get sold on the idea that you need more robust tools, take the time to see what’s possible with the features available.

If you spend the right amount of time learning Google Analytics or find someone that’s great at it that will do the work for you there’s very little chance you’ll need another platform or additional suite of tools to give you the wealth of insights you need to continue improving your site.

When you’re done gathering every insight you can get from the tool at that moment, just go back to it a few days (or hours) later after you’ve implemented the changes because there will be a whole new set of things for you to take into account for the next batch of improvements.

Next time someone (your agency, a vendor, a LinkedIn recommendation) offers you suggestions on a new set of tools and platforms that seem better than Google Analytics ask your team if you’ve at least been keeping up to pace with the things that you could learn from what’s already available for free.

Chances are you’ll find out that the real opportunity is in finding easier ways to implement what Google Analytics is trying to already tell you.

Matt Kane

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